Australian sister band GERMEIN - Georgia, Ella, & Clara Germein - grew up jamming together on their family farm in Adelaide. Raised on the records of B.B. KING, VAN MORRISON, & CAT STEVENS - their Dad played trumpet in a New Orleans rhythm & blues band, sparking the girls love for loud, feel good music they could dance to.


The sisters spent a majority of their childhood outside exploring their family’s bushland property, looking after animals, as well putting on little concerts for their parents, grandparents, and friends when they’d come visit. The trio enjoyed busking together on the main street of their local town - Georgia on violin, Ella on cello, and Clara on piano or saxophone - while their younger brother handed out bunches of lavender to passers-by, and later on joined them on the trumpet. 


Georgia, a gifted songwriter, won her first of seven Young Composers Awards at the age of eleven. In high school, as her calibre of songs increased, she sought after creating a band to tour her songs. She taught herself the guitar, while Ella taught herself the bass, and as nobody played the drums yet – Clara - who was working as a surfing instructor at the time, taught herself the drums.


Inspired by the harmonies of bands like QUEEN and FLEETWOOD MAC, the trio began playing local venues and crafting their own unique brand of indie pop. Taking the lead from strong female artists including HAIM, CHVRCHES, and TEGAN & SARA their energetic and charismatic live show started turning heads.


Germein recorded their debut single ‘Talking’ in their home studio, produced by Georgia Germein. “The energy put into this song has paid off - with style, plenty of sass, edgy guitars, & a soaring chorus shows off a range of influences. Their tight harmonies show off how perfectly their voices work together & prove that they have musical finesse to be reckoned with” Line of Best Fit (UK)


‘Talking’ touches on the importance of speaking up in times of conflict, and has been described by UK Press as having “an almost therapeutic value” to it. Georgia describes her songwriting process as “a way of expressing my emotions, by getting the feelings I have out of me and onto paper and into music. It’s always been a very freeing experience.”


Since the release of ‘Talking’, Germein have enjoyed playing to a range of audiences from small clubs to crowds of up to 35,000 people. 


Currently unsigned and self-managed, their DIY approach has seen Georgia taking the lead in songwriting & recording; Ella - who is also a talented painter - managing the social media & videos; while Clara helps to organise logistics and tours. 


Throughout their career they continue to be supporters of charities including Sea Shepherd, Animals Asia, and Australian mental health program Headspace; with Georgia having also written songs for the Red Cross and World Vision Australia, and cared for orphaned kangaroo joeys through Fauna Rescue South Australia.

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